About Us

Marque Models was formed in 1975 with our first workshops in part of the old Levis motorcycle factory in Birmingham.


From the outset we were involved in making pewter scale car models of one sort or another mainly to The Trade, but always with a keen eye to detail and accuracy. Our classic car collection started life in the mid’ 80s with our test marketing of six cars.

scale car models

These were well received and we have steadily added to those first six ever since; to date there are over 150 models to choose from.

Each car in the collection has been modeled from our own tooling in turn made from our own in-house master pattern created to the exacting standards required with all the intricate detail – often this original will be sculpted from clay or cut from pewter – it must be perfect in every way as every nuance of detail will be reproduced in the final production pieces.


The Marque Models range is becoming known for its intricate detail, accuracy and high standard of workmanship. We believe this has played a key role in us securing commissions, from time to time, from some of the leading automobile makers to supply them with scale models of their new models being launched.

Alongside our cars, we take on selected Trade Work and welcome Trade Enquiries.

We plan to continue introducing new additions to our collection for many years to come.